This website (books.wesfryer.com) is my (Wes Fryer‘s) emergent online library of authored books, powered by Pressbooks and WordPress. In July 2022, because of changes on Pressbooks.com, I migrated my current five book projects to this self-hosted instance of Pressbooks.

My published books (to date) on Amazon.com include:

    1. Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing (2011)
    2. Mapping Media to the Curriculum: show what you know with media (2013)
    3. Hopscotch Challenges: Learn to Code on an iPad! (2013)

Almost Complete (and publicly shared) book projects on books.wesfryer.com include:

  1. Pocket Share Jesus: Be a Digital Witness for Christ (2022)

Other book projects I’ve started on books.wesfryer.com include:

  1. Technology Fear Therapy (To complement my March 2021 TEDx Talk)
  2. Tips for Minecraft Camp Teachers (To share lessons from my summer 2022 and 2021 virtual Minecraft Camps)
  3. Conspiracies and Culture Wars (A ongoing media literacy inquiry project started in 2019)
  4. Middle School Media Literacy (To share, in narrative form, my best lessons for middle school media literacy classes and teachers)

My full vitae is available on wesfryer.com/vitae.

For more ways to learn and connect with me visit wesfryer.com/after/.